rules (Parts 1 and 2)

Part 1

1. The judges' decision is final. 

2. The envelope I'll be sending your cress in will be clearly marked "Cress". Do not touch it with your bare hands for at least three days after delivery. I will not be held responsible for you being infected with Coronavirus. 

3. Anyone opening their cress envelope before being instructed to do so by the official Cress2020 account on Twitter will immediately be disqualified. 

4. On the day you receive your envelope take a picture of the back of it. Each will be individually numbered for security. I will need to be able to see that number to check you off my special list.

5. Sabotage is encouraged. If you are in a position to destroy or damage another entrant's cress without breaching social distancing rules you will be eligible to pose a question in the tie-break competition (should there be such an eventuality). 

6. Do not waste food. Anyone growing cress in egg shells will be disqualified. You're not four. Start planning your entry. 

7. Anyone claiming to be a competition judge who is not a judge will be disqualified from the competition and blocked. Frankly, there are way too many vulnerable people on here who could end up being duped into paying money to support a crazy man's follies. 

8. People asking questions of me unnecessarily will be disqualified. Think about your question. Is it likely I'll answer it later on? Fine. Just leave it then. 

9. Part 2 of the rules will be released when I decide that enough people have received their cress (and when I've written them). 

10. The last date for applications will be the 25th April 2020. 

11. Entries will be limited to approximately 300. One entry per household*. Entrants cannot also be judges**.

12. International competitors must supply their own cress. 

13. Stay safe. Stay indoors. 

Part 2

1. Competitors can begin growing their cress at midday on Tuesday 12th May 2020. 

This gives time for the majority of cress seeds to be delivered. 

2. The growing time allowed this year will be 9 days (an increase of one day on previous years). This will allow for any competitors receiving it late to catch up. Each remaining competitor must post a picture of their cress on the 20th May 2020. 

3. To be allowed entry to the competition you will send a photograph of your cress number (bottom left hand corner on the back of your envelope) along with a background that proves the picture was taken after midday on Tuesday. Also in the picture will be your unopened bag of cress. 

4. Anyone not providing this photograph will be named and shamed for stealing an entry for someone who would have taken part and must donate to the charity (in addition to any previous donations). They will then face disqualification. 

5. Anyone claiming that they're unable to take a photo will be disqualified. 

6. Entrants are not to submit commercially grown cress as their own work. 

The organisers would like to thank Dr Adam Kay (@amateuradam) who kindly donated all the seeds for this year's competition as well as covering the cost of postage and packing. This was undoubtedly done to help support NHS workers, but also in part as a thank you to the previous cress competitions that contributed to making him a household name. Any suggestion that this is in any way a form of corruption or bribery to enhance his chances is libellous and will be fiercely challenged in the courts. 

*Except for Adam Kay

**Except for Adam Kay