Minnie Driver

Minnie, an Academy Award nominated actor, singer, writer and dog owner, has repeatedly tried to grow cress competitively. On every occasion someone has deliberately sabotaged her efforts. There is no other explanation. She has now moved into judging so that people will start taking her seriously. Minnie is definitely not shit at growing everything. No one would suggest that. No way.  

Danny Wallace

Danny has been involved with cress since 2013. Sure he's a writer, actor, presenter and filmmaker, but his real love is cress. He can't get enough of it. In his own words - "My real love is cress, I can't get enough of it."

Peredur Ap Gwynedd

As a boy Pendulum guitarist Perry dreamt of actually growing cress or at the very least being involved in cress growing. His life took him elsewhere, to being a musician, presenter, cyclist and openly Welsh. Through this journey he has never lost touch with cress and happily credits it with saving him from falling into a life of petty crime. He lives in London and has fathered not only a child but recently, a cat. 

Joe Fattorini

Joe likes wine. It's not a problem. No one is pointing fingers or judging. He just really likes wine and it's fine. Let's not keep banging on about it. The important thing is that he can take it or leave it and it's FINE STOP GOING ON ABOUT IT. He is also a presenter on a tv show about OH GOD ABOUT WINE AND it's okay because he has other stuff going on in his life where he works SELLING WINE FFS. He loves cress though - "I love cress though" - Joe Fattorini.

Adam Kay

Adam is a writer, comedian and incredibly enthusiastic collector of terrifying medical equipment. More importantly, he is an experienced cress judge, having been on the panel in the 2013 and 2016 competitions. This year for the first time he is taking part in the competition as well as supporting it financially and judging it. Some people would suggest that there's an enormous conflict of interest in combining these roles. As Adam points out, "people suggesting that sort of thing tend to disappear very quickly."

Adam regularly holidays in Sicily.

Shappi Khorsandi

A comedian and author, Shappi is new to the world of competitive cress-growing. She doesn't feel that will in any way hold her back - "I don't feel it will in any way hold me back." Graciously agreeing to join the judging panel late in the competition she has not yet suffered the overwhelming tedium others have endured staring at picture after picture of bloody cress. This role is exactly what was missing from her Wikipedia entry.